Thursday, April 3, 2014

". . . no Cuban Spring"

We've talked a lot about what happens when we lose our voice.

Once that vacuum is created, there are others who are more than happy to speak for us, to fill our hearts and minds with desires and ideas that wouldn't have been there otherwise. All the better if we believe that these notions are our own.

Read about how the United States is creating social networks to spark dissent in other parts of the world. And be sure to pass this on to the next person you run into who was ever excited or inspired by the Arab Spring.

Perhaps such findings can help us to reframe some of what we are hearing about Turkey.

They took our drums and gave us "tweets." Trading substance for illusion is nothing that we should be a part of.

Circle up, primes. Bang a drum and sing a song.

That's living in community.

That's the only "social networking" that matters.

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