Thursday, February 4, 2016


I'm struggling with committing the shuddering reality of my present to song.

In the sixteen months since the release of what they took, I lost most everything that I loved. Or tried to love.

I could write to that. I want to, but it's hard. I don't know what to say.

God Most High led me to a poem. It's a simple thing, but that's what distillation ultimately is: a purging of the inessential. And what little remains hints at worlds beyond.

And it was enough to get me behind my microphone, wal-hamdu lillah.

From a single point you grow so bright,
my sweetest angel.
You spread your wings and soon take flight,
my sweetest angel.
A beauty to rival the rose in bloom,
my dearest angel.
With Heaven’s scent upon your plume,
my dearest angel.
You cast a coolness upon my eyes,
my brightest angel.
Give birth to hope that never dies,
my brightest angel.
Engulf this soul in the warmth of your wings,
my beloved angel.
Ease the path to what eternity brings,
my beloved angel.
Guide me with scent to the eternal gate,
my forever angel.
A gift of love to close my fate,
my forever angel.

words by Naziyah Mahmood


  1. Alright just make sure you keep my phone number close and handy...

    1. I sleep with my phone next to my head. I'm one of those guys now . . .


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