Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Cruel Wars

Celtic punk band, The Dreadnoughts, know how to kill a shanty. I've got their version of Randy Dandy-Oh and Old Maui here.

They do it again with this amazing rendition of Cruel Wars. Listen for the bodhran, the Irish frame drum:


  1. fun question (hopefully)

    Would a benefit concert along the lines of farm aid, live aid, the concert for new york city, etc ever be justified within the PMM mindset and framework given that they are plugged in or would that be an excess that is simply unjustifiable ?

  2. Sorry to clarify as in actively participating in the very act of being cutoff and deprived of one's own voice

    1. Right. Plugging in isn't a problem if we're just talking about amplification. That's a logistical issue.

      But if by plugging in you mean the use of instrumentation, no, that's not primal. Even if the benefit concert has its communal moments, the use of musical instruments is voice-surrogacy.

      Primal music accepts no substitutes for the fundamentals.

  3. I just noticed that the "Four men on a prayer mat (Sudan)" are reciting surat-al-isra from the quran - anyone else pick up on that ?


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