Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Debut EP: what they took

There's not a lot to show for my tinkering with primal music composition over this last year. There was more, but my house was broken into and my laptop was stolen along with several microphones and other assorted recording paraphernalia. I didn't have most of my songs backed up, so those are gone.

But there were three songs that made it onto my SoundClound page. These were supposed to be demos, works in progress that I would continue to fiddle with, probably forever. But without the master files, all I had was my rough stereo mixes.

The burglary forced a decision. I decided to master the songs and release them as is.

Recorded using only frame drum and voice, the EP is called what they took and it's my first release as sansfife. The title is a nod to the burglars, but also to the loss of our collective voices, something I touch on here, here, and here.

Have a listen:

Downloading the EP is free. You will be asked to name your price. You can pop in $0 without offending me. I'll get your email address, so it's even.

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